Company Formation in Hong Kong

Our team offers one-stop services to help you set up your business in Hong Kong and establish your footprint in the market.

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For German companies venturing into China and vice versa, successful market entry depends on the ability to overcome numerous challenges; from administrative hurdles to language barriers to differences in business culture.

As your trusted partner with decades of experience, extensive market knowledge and intercultural expertise, GIC helps you develop tailored solutions to support your short-term goals or long-term strategy.

What We Offer

Market Research and Analysis

We provide comprehensive research reports on market structures, stakeholders, customer target groups, competitors and business potentials in Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China or Germany.

Sourcing and Sales Support

Are you looking for new distributors or suppliers in Hong Kong? We connect you with professional and trustworthy business partners, carefully selected based on your individual criteria – be it manufacturers, suppliers, sales partners, and/or industrial customers.

Establishing a Presence in Hong Kong

Whether it be a virtual office, a physical representative office, or an "office-in-office" solution – we help you establish your presence in Hong Kong on cost-efficient and transparent terms. Our services include:

  • Planning, set-up, and/or management of your office
  • Company registration, corporate bank account opening, and work visa applications
  • Provision of staff and/or recruitment of new employees

Individual Projects and Ad Hoc Solutions

Providing standardised services is rather the exception than the rule for us. Our team specialises in the cost-efficient and timely development of tailored solutions for any enquiry you may have or challenge you may be facing. There is virtually no question that cannot be answered in Hong Kong – and asking does not cost you anything.

As a member of the global network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (Auslandshandelskammern; AHK) with decades of experience and expertise in the local market, GIC is the on-site partner for all your business needs. Reach out to our experts today!