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The E-commerce market in China has developed at a remarkable speed just in a few years, in 2017 market volume estimates were at US$ 494.2 billion. Although online sales figures for Hong Kong are still comparatively low due to the city’s highly developed retail infrastructure, e-commerce has become increasingly popular. Hongkongers are ultra-connected with over 5.5 million active internet users (total population 7.8 million), 78% having active social media accounts and 97% of Smartphone users browsing the internet daily. Hong Kong was ranked 16 out of 144 countries in the UNCTAD B2C e-commerce index in 2017 with a user penetration of nearly 59.8% in 2018. In Hong Kong the market volume is estimated at US$ 3.71 billion, with per capita consumption expected to nearly double from US$ 535 in 2017 to US$ 1,020 by 2021.

As one of the world’s leading international financial centres, Hong Kong’s service-oriented economy is characterised by its business-friendly taxation system, established international financial market as well as the importance of the port and logistic hub. The city serves as an access point to the Chinese mainland, the largest E-commerce market in the world.

This study provides detailed information on relevant market aspects including consumer behaviour, marketing tools, distribution channels, payment and shipping modalities as well as the legal framework.

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