Chamber Event Review
Executive Development Seminar: The Alphabet of Healthy Leadership – From A to E
Event Start
19/06/2024 · 09:00
Event End
25/04/2024 · 12:00

We had the pleasure of hosting an informative seminar on “The Alphabet of Healthy Leadership – From A to E” with Dr. med. Timm Steuber. With extensive experience in leading large teams in a hospital, Timm emphasised the importance of clear directives and effective communication. He described situations from his medical background, drawing parallels to our corporate environment, which provided a refreshing and insightful perspective. 

Here are some of our key takeaways:

  • Overcoming Communication Barriers: While horizontal communication within a team or among peers can be straightforward, presenting ideas to superiors is often more challenging. Timm emphasised understanding and positively steering these vertical communications for a successful outcome.
  • Human Behaviour in Conflict: Historically, being part of a tribe was crucial for survival, and this instinct still influences us today. Conflict situations subconsciously trigger a fear of exclusion, making us naturally inclined to avoid conflict. This avoidance is deeply rooted in our desire to belong.
  • Importance of Body Language: Communication and feedback often occur on the surface level, but Timm highlighted the significant role of body language. Being aware of these non-verbal cues is essential for effective interaction, especially in conflict situations.
  • Maintaining Perspective: Last but not least, Timm reminded us that the perspective we adopt is crucial. True growth often happens during our lows and tough times, which teach us valuable lessons. These experiences help us navigate challenges with resilience and lead with empathy and understanding.

A big thank you to Timm Steuber and to everyone who attended.