Chamber Event Review
Training: Handling Difficult People
Event Start
28/05/2024 · 09:30
Event End
19/03/2024 · 17:30

Dealing with challenging workplace situations can be tough, especially when colleagues sometimes exhibit disrespectful behaviour or go against group dynamics. The full-day training by Heidi Adick on “How to Handle Difficult People” was a true eye-opener!

Conflicts in the workplace can arise from various sources: goal and value differences, personality clashes, or even cultural differences. The in-depth training shed light on these common issues and offered practical solutions.

Key takeaways included:

Conflict avoidance: Understanding the importance of recognising and addressing conflicts before they escalate. Avoidance often stems from fear of damaging relationships, believing it won’t make a difference, or ignoring one’s own feelings in the hope that the issue will resolve itself.

Approaching conflict: When facing disagreements or issues, it’s crucial to provide clear explanations, specific details, and make an effort to understand and acknowledge the other person’s perspective.

Wording in problem situations: The way we phrase things in problematic situations can make a huge difference. Showing respect, understanding the other person’s perspective, expressing interest, and providing constructive feedback are key to fostering a positive and motivating work atmosphere.

Speaking up: Emphasising the power of speaking up – not only for personal benefit but also for the overall situation. This approach builds trust, strengthens relationships, and ultimately improves work quality.

A huge thank you to Heidi for delivering such an engaging training. Several exercises and the encouragement of open exchange made it a highly informative yet fun day. Additionally, a big shout-out to all the participants who openly shared their experiences.