Sustainability Management

In a rapidly shifting global landscape, the emphasis on sustainable supply chain practices has never been more crucial. Since 2023, the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) mandates companies to employ designated sustainability manager, highlighting the increasing demand for skilled professionals in this area.

Step-by-Step Training Programme

We offer a step-by-step training programme to equip you with the expertise to master sustainability challenges, featuring modules on sustainability principles, risk management, enhancing supply chains, and strategic communication. Designed for real-world application, it sets a foundation for implementing sustainable practices across your organisation.

This programme is designed to not only provide foundational knowledge but also practical tools and strategies for implementing sustainable practices at every level of your organisation.

Schedule and Registration

Module 1: Core Principles of Sustainability (5 Sep 2024)

Dive into the essence of sustainable development, encompassing global standards and national regulations, paving the way for meaningful organisational transformation towards sustainable best practices.

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Module 2: Materiality and Risk Management in Sustainability (10 Sep 2024)

Master the art of pinpointing crucial sustainability issues for your business, and craft strategies for risk mitigation, focusing on regional and sector-specific challenges.

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Module 3: Enhancing Sustainable Supply Chains (10 Oct 2024)

Develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainable supply chain management, establishing objectives and KPIs to achieve sustainability ambitions with your suppliers collaboratively.

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Module 4: Strategic Sustainability Communication (17 Oct 2024)

Evaluate and communicate your sustainability milestones effectively, weaving your factual achievements into a compelling narrative for stakeholders and the public.

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For more information and to register, please contact:

Raymond Chung
Director, Market Entry and Training Services
T: +852 2532 1287