The committees at the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong serve as the foundation of the Chamber’s advocacy role, and as an effective tool to integrate the business community, institutions, experts and members.

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Through participation in committees, members will have an opportunity to actively and directly engage in defining, developing, discussing, and resolving issues impacting the operations of their businesses and organisations.

Current Committees

Sourcing Committee

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Chaired by Andreas Kulenkampff (Tchibo Merchandising Hong Kong LP) and Michael Ciesielski (METRO Sourcing International Ltd.), the Sourcing Committee has more than 20 active members, who participate in regular meetings. Discussed topics include: Future role of sourcing organisations, Hong Kong as an office location, CSR and Sustainability, Digitalisation and Blockchain in sourcing.

In December 2018, the Sourcing Committee established Q-In, a Quality Audit Mutual Recognition Initiative. Q-In is a win-win solution for participating sourcing companies and their supplying partners, saving a considerable amount of the time and resources normally allocated to quality audits. Current members of Q-In are: ELO Far East Ltd., METRO Sourcing International Ltd., OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd., REWE Far East Ltd. and SEVERIN Asia Ltd.

Sourcing Committee Manager:
Hendrik Hillebrecht 
Assistant Manager, Communications & Committees 
+852 2532 1218
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Greater Bay Area Committee

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This committee addresses significant topics related to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area, better known as the Greater Bay Area, inclusive of nine cities across Guangdong, plus Hong Kong and Macau SARs.

Delegation trips to the region are regularly organised/co-ordinated by both GCC Hong Kong and GCC South & Southwest China. For more information, please contact the committee manager.

GBA Committee Manager:
Hendrik Hillebrecht
Assistant Manager, Communications & Committees
+852 2532 1218
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CFO Committee

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The Chief Financial Officers’ committee provides a forum for members who are involved in the financial roles in their respective organisations, and who desire to exchange perspectives on finance related issues and services such as taxes and bank behaviour in Hong Kong. For more information, please contact the committee manager.

CFO Committee Manager:
Ursula Klingenberg
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications & Administration
+852 2532 1233
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