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Since 1983, the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, with its 450 members, has served as a catalyst, promoter and facilitator of our members’ interest. Members comprise of German, Hong Kong and international companies with interest in doing business in Germany and Hong Kong, or with German companies.

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Enhance your Company's Visibility

  • Introductions: New members are introduced with a profile in our newsletter and all members are listed with their company / personal profile in the membership directory. Find the latest editions here.
  • Publicity: Opportunities are offered for publicity within our newsletters, website and member communications (member news, articles, event reports/photos).
  • Speaking Platform: Opportunity to speak at GCC events and/or invite members to your event (applicable to full memberships only). Enquire about our speaking opportunities and ‘members invite members’ events.
  • Business Promotion: Discounted promotional services are granted to members. In addition, full membership holders can avail of one free business promotion service annually. Sponsorship: Reach your branding goals with our premium brand yearly sponsorship and events sponsorship programmes.
  • Access: For easy access to the German, local and international business community, GCC runs a platform for you to receive benefits from fellow members, and to offer exclusive or special rates for products or services to fellow members. Become a Benefit Partner of GCC. 

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Receive relevant information on the business environments and trends in the Hong Kong, Chinese and German markets via free subscriptions of newsletters and annual report, as well as through our website, communications and events.

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Expand and Maintain your Network

Members are regularly invited to the over 50 annual events per year. All of which provide ideal settings for close and extensive networking.

Additionally, we help members to connect and stay in touch with each other. From member profile introductions and direct introductions, to hosting events where members can have face to face discussions and exchanges.


Through GCC and GIC, members’ interests are represented at government committees such as the Chief Secretary’s International Business committee (IBC), where issues of concern of the international business communities in Hong Kong are brought to the attention of the Chief Secretary of Administration and the policy secretaries. Members in Hong Kong also benefit from our active role at the European Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, and our close ties with the AHK Greater China network.

Chamber Plus – Your Business Advantage

Through the partnership with the global German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network (AHK), GIC in Hong Kong, members have access to extensive business services at a discounted rate.

Become a Member - Membership Categories

Full Membership – Corporation, Firm or Business

Any corporation, firm or business may apply for Membership as a Full Member, with all rights of membership including voting rights. A Full Member shall nominate one person to be its representative to the GCC (Corporate Representative).

This person shall be the GCC's main contact and will receive all information about the GCC's activities and events via email and/or post. The Corporate Representative will be listed in the GCC Membership Directory and the voting right has to be exercised by the Corporate Representative.

Additional Corporate Representative (optional):
A Full Member may propose any of its employees other than the Corporate Representative as an Additional Corporate Representative, who may use the facilities of the GCC, attend its events and be listed in the GCC Membership Directory. An Additional Corporate Representative in such capacity shall not have any voting rights. An additional membership fee at $1,500 will be levied for each subscription.

Price: HKD 9,500 / 1 year


Full Membership – Corporation, Firm or Business (eligible for a special discount of membership fees)

Any newly established corporation, firm or business may apply for Full Membership of the GCC and be eligible for a special discount subject to production of proof of establishment as required by the GCC. "Newly established" is defined as 3 years or less from the date of incorporation or issue of the first Business Registration Certificate. An Additional Corporate Representative is also available for these members but there will be no discount on the fees. Membership validity up to a maximum of 3 years.

Price: HKD 4,800 / 1 year


Associate Membership - Not for Profit Organisation

Not for Profit Making Organisations may apply for Associate Membership of the GCC subject to the provision of such proof as required by the GCC of the organisation’s non profit-making status. Such organisations will be required to name a person to be its representative for the purposes of attending GCC activities and events and receiving publications and emails.

Price: HKD 1,000 / 1 year


Premium Partners