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Exporter Compliance with the German Packaging Ordinance

With effect from July 2012, German Industry and Commerce Ltd. was appointed as the official Landbell AG representative in Greater China, to provide exporters in the region with all services required to comply with licensing issues for the proper disposal of packaging materials, electronic waste, and other disposables in accordance with the provisions of the German Packaging Ordinance. 

According to the Fifth Amending Ordinance, all transport and sales packaging materials, goods under the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), and products that are made of the same substance as packaging materials, but not packaging as such (typically toys made of plastic), brought into circulation in the German market are subject to a licensing requirement for the proper disposal of the same. 

Manufacturers and exporters are either directly or indirectly affected by this regulation, non-compliance carries heavy penalties of up to €50,000 per offence. If it is a DAP, CPT, CIP and DDP shipment, it is the shipper’s responsibility to arrange for the license. In case of FOB, it is the importers duty. Shippers still can be affected, however, even in such cases where it is their buyers’ responsibility to take care of the licensing. The same applies for foreign companies who through direct marketing (e.g. Internet trading) send goods directly to private end consumers in Germany. In the past, shipments have been rejected by German customs authorities, if they were not properly licensed, thereby causing a disruption in the supply chain.


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